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Quadruplex Service Drop Wire
XLPE insulated Quadruplex Service Drop Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire (Stranded)
Galvanized ungalvanized steel cable and wires steel wire
19/33kV ABC Overhead Cable
19/33kV MV aluminum overhead abc cable
12.7/22KV ABC Cable
12.7/22kV XLPE or HDPE insulated aerial cable
ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced)
Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced ACSR overhead cable
AAAC(All Aluminum Alloy Conductor)
All Aluminium Alloy Conductor (AAAC) overhead Conductor
AAC(All Aluminum Conductor)
AAC Conductor Bare Aluminum Conductor Cable
Aerial Bundled Cable with IEC60502 Standard
Overhead Aerial Bundled Cable With XLPE Insulation
Triplex Service Drop Wire
Overhead XLPE insulated 3 Core Aerial Bundled Cable
Duplex Service Drop Wire
XLPE insulated Duplex Service Drop Wire
6.35/11KV ABC Cable
11KV Aluminum conductor XLPE insulated Overhead ABC Cable
10KV XLPE Insulation ABC Cable
10kV aluminum conductor XLPE or HDPE insulated aerial cable
LV ABC Cable
Aluminum Conductor LV 600V Overhead ABC Cable

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ZMS engineers and our technical team continue to make products reserching and developing, also keeping improving our production technology and strenthening our product performance.

Our good product quality made ZMS cable won good reputation and huge market. We will help you to chose the most suitable products and offers best solution to reduce your purchasing cost on each project.

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