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Advantages of aluminum alloy cable compared with aluminum cable


Aluminum alloy cable is a new type of cable based on pure aluminum core cable, which is innovative and optimized. It has advantages in performance, such as AAAC conductor, concentric cable, aluminum alloy power cable and a series of overhead cables.

1.Corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of pure aluminum is better than that of copper, but the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is better than that of pure aluminum, because the addition of rare earth and other chemical elements in aluminum alloy can increase the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, especially the electrochemical corrosion resistance. Solve the problem of electrochemical corrosion of pure aluminum at the joints.

2.Mechanical properties

First, tensile strength and elongation. Compared with pure aluminum conductors, aluminum alloy conductors have added special components and special processing techniques, which greatly increase the tensile strength, increase the elongation rate to 30%, and make them more safe and reliable.

Second, bending performance. The bending performance of the aluminum core cable is very poor, bending is very easy to break, the bending radius of the aluminum alloy cable is 7 times the cable diameter, far better than the 10 times specified in the 'minimum bending radius for cable installation' of GB/T 12706 - 20 times the cable diameter.

Third, flexibility can. As long as the pure aluminum cable is twisted by a certain number of angles, the conductor will crack or break, which may cause accidents. The aluminum alloy cable can withstand several dozen times of bending, eliminating the hidden troubles in the installation and use of pure aluminum cables. Greatly improve the safety and reliability.

3.The conductivity

The conductivity recovers to near pure aluminum, making it similar to pure aluminum.

4.Creep resistance

The creep resistance of pure aluminum is poor, and thermal expansion and contraction caused by energization and power-off will cause large creep at the joint, and it will cause slack after a long time. The contact resistance will increase and cause overheating, which will easily lead to accidents. The creep resistance of AA8000 series aluminum alloy is 300% of that of pure aluminum conductor, which greatly reduces the possibility of looseness of cable joints and improves the connection of conductors.