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By 2020, African development bank will help 29.3 million africans to solve their electricity problems.

The African development bank President Akinwumi appointed in Addis ababa, Ethiopia's high-level activities disclosed in the United Nations economic commission for Africa, in 2020, the African development bank will help 29.3 million African people realize electricity.

At a conference on "new ways of working", Akinwumi Adesina pledged to support the new way of working "critical" and said a new approach to development was needed.

United Nations agencies have signed a "commitment to action" document at the world humanitarian summit and reached new ways of working in the crisis.

The African development bank is now at the forefront of Africa's investment in renewable energy. Renewable energy share in the energy portfolio in the bank when I served as President from 2015 to 14% in last year's 100%, "appointed said," we support last year alone 3.8 million africans provides power supply. And if there is enough money, we expect to have 29.3 million people on power between 2018 and 2020.

Adesina called on the UN secretary general to work with him to support the work of the green climate fund and the global environment facility, and to increase support for vulnerable African countries to pay for climate risk insurance.He noted that African countries, affected by climate change, find it difficult to find funds to pay for insurance.

At present, the African development bank has stepped up and will support African countries to pay insurance premiums to protect against catastrophic weather events, replacing public spending.It plans to provide $76 million for insurance premiums in 2018, $31.5 million for participating countries and $16 million for the African risk agency (ARC).The latest figures show that more than 20 countries have expressed interest in participating in initiatives supported by the non-bank.