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China's electricity demand will show a downward trend in the next 30 years

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China's overall energy demand has peaked, according to a study published by the Chinese academy of social sciences.Electricity demand will also decline over the next 30 years.

In terms of electricity consumption, according to the report, the next 30 years, with the end of the industrialization and urbanization, energy intensive goods demand, electricity demand will also fall, is expected to be down from about 6.4 trillion KWH in 2017 to $2050 by 4.47 trillion KWH.

At present, northeast China, the bohai sea and southwest China have already experienced power surplus. In the future, with the continuation of the new normal, the report believes that further power surplus is almost certain.Thus, the report suggested China should use "area" initiative, construction in the northeast, southwest regional electric power trading center, with its neighboring countries such as Russia's far east, Mongolia market, Nepal ,North Korea, indo-china peninsula countries such as the electric connectivity cooperation, achieve win-win situation.