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Conductor Test on AAAC cable

Conductor Test on AAAC cable

In year of 2016, ZMS have achieved double sales growth in international market alone. The ABC cables are among the hot sale and highly demanded products. We delivery various specification of ABC cables to Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America and Partial Asia. 

For ABC Cables, we have low voltage ABC cables, and Medium Voltage ABC cable and also bare overhead conductors. And we usually produce and test the cable according to NFC, BS, ASTM, IEC standards or as per clients special requirement. 

For low voltage ABC cables, we have Duplex Service Drop Wire, Triplex Service Drop Wire, quadruple x service drop wire etc.

The MV voltage ABC cable which our customer demands the most are usually 10kV , 15kV and 33kV ABC cables

We usually provide customer with bespoke cable solution which help client choose the best specification meeting their project system or transmission line perfectly. 

Quality control is key to delivery what the client really demanded. So, we keep our customer’s requirement and demand in mind. From raw material quality control to every process of manufacturing, the quality control measures and all the test are carry out orderly. Only the qualified and approved products are allowed to proceed next stage. 

Today, we are going to share the conductor test on AAAC conductor

1.Sample size: AAAC 1*50sq.mm insulated with HDPE

2. Reference documents:

      The standard document supplied by ZMS Cable & IEC standard for rated voltage up-to and including 1kV.

3.AAAC conductor measurement 

3.1 No./diameter of stranding measurement

1AAAC/HDPE 1*50 MM^23.0mm3.0±0.03mmPass

3.2 Overall conductor diameter measurement

1AAAC/HDPE 1*50 MM^29.09mmN/APass

Remark: The result is acceptable

3.3Min. Tensile strength of any single wire

1AAAC/HDPE 1*50 MM^2325Mpa≥295Pass