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Global Transmission Lines and Towers Market Size Expected 2022-28

According to a new report by Global Marketing Insights, the global transmission line and tower industry is expected to grow steadily over the next six years, with its market size exceeding $48 billion by 2028 and market share expected to grow by more than 4%.


The industry is expected to increase investment in R&D activities to develop environmentally friendly conductors (conductores ecológicos) with low cost and high load capacity during the forecast period. In addition, manufacturers are also focusing on improving the overload capacity and energy efficiency of transmission lines, which will also facilitate the market expansion.


The market for transmission lines (líneas de transmisión) and line towers will continue to grow due to the increasing popularity of renewable energy sources and continued innovation in distribution network technology. While the industry will gradually transition to smart power grids, there is a growing inclination to implement smart power grids in the existing transmission and distribution infrastructure, which is driving the demand for products for transmission networks.


The ongoing urbanization process in developing countries will expand investment in power grid infrastructure, actively driving demand for transmission lines above 660 kV. These power cables have low sag capacity and high corrosion resistance, and they are easy to recycle and process. They can also reduce energy losses and short-circuit currents, so they can meet market demand to a large extent.


North America is rapidly developing high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage transmission and distribution networks to reduce losses in the commercial and industrial sectors. The cable market in the region is characterized by the continuous renovation of transmission and distribution networks and the increasing demand for electricity. As a result of these factors, the North American transmission line and overhead tower market demand is expected to exceed $4 billion by 2028, with a growth rate of more than 6%, according to the report.


In short, the growing demand for renewable energy and increasing infrastructure investments in the commercial and industrial sectors will positively drive the adoption of transmission towers over the forecast period.