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Global control cable market in 2018 is expected to be over $13.1 billion

Control cable is used as power cables for energy supply

Control cable is used as power cables for energy supply; installed in open air, underground, water, cable ducts; it is widely used in industry and distribution boards as well as in subscriber networks. According to a report of the global control cable market released by the International Market Research Institutions, the global control cable market size in 2018 is expected to reach to $13.12 billion.

As the car industry and infrastructure investment increased rapidly, it has beed predicted that global control cable market scale will increase to $19.502 billion in 2023, the annual compound increasing rate will reach to 8.25% during the year.

Report to the continuous development of auto industry in 2023 and an increase in infrastructure spending will boost the global demand of control cable. In addition, companies are doing large investment in the development of new application of the control cable, which will further increase the demand of control cable during the forecast period .

With the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, the rapid market expansion of control cable market mainly drived by automobile, railway, transport, construction and other terminal market of. And control cables used more and more widely, which makes a significant contribution to the growth of the market.

Governments, especially in developing countries in infrastructure spending and constant product innovation is expectedto create ample opportunity for control cable supplier in this period of time. 

The asia-pacific region is expected to become the world's largest regional market control cable.The terminal market demand expansion is to promote the region the main reason for the rapid growth of the market.In addition, continuous technology improvement is expected to have a significant impact on global marketing growth.

    From the point of enterprise, prysmian, who already announced the acquisition of general cable will no doubt become major suppliers of control cable markets around the world. At the same time, nexon, belden Cable, Texcan Cable and Multi/Cable also will become the important participants in the industry. ZMS cable, as a Chinese leading control cable manufacturer, we will take positive action to join in the global control cable makerting. Welcome to send control cable and instrument cable inquiry to us at any time. Our sales will reply you with best price offer and best cable design soluation.