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How does cable samples matter in business?

Our main production scope is power cables rated from below 1kV to 500kV

ZMS cable has been in wire and cable business for over 20 years. Motivated by customer first and keep pace with times , ZMS has been focused on providing best cable with highly qualified service to customer. 

Our main production scope is power cables rated from below 1kV to 500kV, sizes from 0.2sq.mm to 3000sq.mm, control and instrument cables, rubber cables, ABC cables, overhead conductors etc.

In years, we have supported our customer not only the cable supply but also integrated solutions to promote the business. During negotiating with customer, the cable samples are sometimes required. So, here is a question- How does cable samples matter in business?

The background:

It is very common for a new customer with procurement order in hand, to check our cable samples first before releasing the order. Before that, they have confirmed all the technical data , our factory qualifications, and commercial offer with clauses. They care more about the quality whether meet their demand. 

While, some customers are not quite sure about the technical data or even the cable specification, so they usually show their sample picture or send us their samples by courier. We need to identify or test their sample to check each parameter, construction and sample performance in order to propose our customer exactly same or even better cable solution. 

There are also other cases that the customer are very ambitious to expand our ZMS Cable Brand to their local market. They are usually our regular customers who are quite satisfied with our cable quality and our price meet the market. Based on market demand, we send samples to client so that they present the samples to their customer or put in their show room.

For international tenders, the sample sometimes are inevitable during bid evaluation process. We have to provide strictly same or similar cable samples to compete since we have higher chance than those who does not submit samples as required.  

In a word, the samples do matter a lot in cable business. It help customer to know our quality better, check out the best possible cable solution and enable us more chances to compete in tenders.