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India Tamil Nadu overhead cable will be replaced by overhead bundled cable

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Recently, the Tamil Nadu Power Authority (TNEB) will begin to overhaul overhead high-voltage cables and replace them with overhead bundled cables.

Officials from the Tamil Nadu Power Authority said that the replacement of overhead bundled cables was mainly concentrated in the North Chennai area. Many roads in the area are less than 20 feet wide, and frequent water stagnation also affects electricity supply.

“There are very few gaps between many buildings and overhead cables in the North Chennai area. As a result, we often receive complaints about safety, especially concerns about child safety.” Tamil Nadu Power Authority Officials said.

“When we explore underground cables, it takes into account the rainy season. Once the rain is blocked, it will have a huge impact on the underground cable,” the official added.

Unlike overhead cables that are exposed, an overhead bundled cable is a combination of four wires that are placed in a single piece of insulation, as in an indoor wiring device. Since the insulating material is also very light, it means that the wire does not sag easily.