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The Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Power Cable


The aluminum alloy power cable is originally applied to buildings in developed countries such as Europe and the United States .Now Al alloy power cables are widely used  because its good performance. Provide facilities for the country's infrastructure construction. Such as: aluminum alloy concentric cable, AAAC,Triplex cables

1.Reliable safety performance.

Aluminum alloy power cables have been used maturely in foreign countries such as the United States, Canada, and Mexico for 40 years. There have never been any problems.

2.Good electrical conductivity

The new type of aluminum alloy power cable processed through a special process has a conductivity of 62% of that of copper. After a special process, the section of the alloy conductor is increased by 1.28-1.5 times, so that the cable's ampacity and voltage drop are equivalent to those of the copper cable, and the "new material is replaced by the alloy".

3. Excellent anti-corrosion properties

A dense oxide layer is formed immediately after the aluminum alloy conductor comes in contact with air. This oxide layer is particularly resistant to various forms of corrosion and therefore has the characteristics to withstand the harshest environments; in addition to the optimization of the internal material structure of the alloy conductor, and the cross-linking of the silane The application of vinyl insulation material extends the service life of aluminum alloy power cables over copper cables for more than 10 years.

4 . Superior mechanical properties

Aluminum alloy power cable has 40% smaller rebound performance than copper cable and 25% higher flexibility. It has very good bending performance. The laying radius is much smaller than that of copper cable, making it easier to lay and connect terminals; special formula and heat treatment process greatly The creep of the conductor under heat and pressure is reduced, making the electrical connection of the aluminum alloy power cable as stable as the copper cable.

 5. Saved economic performance

Under the premise of realizing the same electrical performance, the direct procurement cost of aluminum alloy power cable is 20%-30% lower than that of copper cable; because the weight of aluminum alloy power cable is only half that of copper cable and it has good mechanical performance, it is used Aluminum alloy power cables can reduce the transportation and installation costs. The general construction saves more than 20% of installation and construction costs, and large-span buildings can save more than 40%.