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The Reasons You Need Customized ADSS Cable

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All-dielectric self-supporting optical cable (ADSS) is metal-free, tension-resistant, self-supporting, high-insulation, non-inductive, thin in diameter, light, easy to construct and economical. It is a composite optical cable made by wrapping the optical fiber bundle around the central strength member and taking protective measures such as insulation, waterproofing, reinforcement and sheathing.


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Why Are ADSS Cable Used?

All-dielectric self-supporting optical cable, due to its unique structure, good insulation and high temperature resistance, and high tensile strength, provides a fast and economical transmission channel for power communication systems. Generally speaking, ADSS cable is cheaper than  OPGW cable in many applications, and it is easier to install. It is advisable to use power lines or towers nearby to erect ADSS optical cables, and even the use of ADSS optical cables is necessary in some places.


The main uses of ADSS cable are:

—Its safety properties, the power isolation problem can be well solved when introducing and extracting the repeater station.

Use it as the transmission cable of the optical fiber communication system in the high voltage (110kV-220kV) power network. Especially in many places, it is very convenient to use it when retrofitting old communication lines.

 Use it for optical fiber communication system in 6kV~35kV~180kV distribution network.

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