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Three Types of Tool for Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cable infrastructure is the key to better Internet access for homes and businesses around the world. It is impossible to provide high-speed fiber internet without a sound and stable infrastructure. Management relies on contractors to pull overhead cables, build and maintain the infrastructure needed to make the internet available to everyone.


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Three Common Fiber Strippers

Optical fiber stripper is an optical fiber tool used to strip tight-packed optical fibers. It is generally used to strip tight-packed optical fibers when splicing optical fibers.


The first is the FTTH cable stripper. And the second is the three-hole fiber stripper. Then the third is CFS-2 fiber stripper.

FTTH optical cable stripper, as the name suggests, is a fiber stripper specially designed for FTTH fiber to the home. Optical cable cutting shear is an optical fiber tool used to cut aramid filaments in optical cables. The blade is made of high carbon steel material, which is sharp and tough, and can easily cut aramid filaments in optical cables. Use with fiber strippers.

The Importance of Winches

A winch is a rotating cylinder used by contractors to wind cables safely. They are usually driven by a motor to ensure faster winding or unwinding of the cable. They are very important to contractors because they provide secure cable storage. Winches are available in different sizes to ensure compatibility with cables of different lengths and thicknesses.



Aerial cable pulling is a challenging task that requires experienced technicians, a variety of tools and the latest equipment. Aerial fiber optic cables need to be able to withstand years of harsh weather conditions. Any errors in the overhead cable pulling process can not only affect the utility supply, but also cause an accident to pose a serious risk to the public. And contractors rely on aerial equipment like fiber optic cable pullers.


The device can be easily installed on utility poles. The plug driver and sturdy frame together enable stable installation of the fiber optic cable puller. Smooth hydraulic power and an accurate tension measurement system make the contractor's job easier. While previous models can easily attach to utility poles, this particular type of cable puller has a hitch mount that makes it easy to attach to a  receiver. Adjustable jacks provide extra stability and make overhead cable pulling easier.


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