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What Are the Types and Functions of Overhead Cables?


Overhead cables are cables erected in the air. It is a commonly used cable with a very high market share in the power cable market.

Overhead cables can transmit current or distribute current.

Overhead cables can be divided into copper core cables and aluminum core cables according to the conductor material.

The copper core cable is a cable with copper as the conductor material. Its conductivity is stronger than that of aluminum core cables, and its current carrying capacity is also larger than that of aluminum core cables.

An aluminum core cable is a cable with aluminum as the conductor material. Although the conductivity of aluminum core cables is not as good as copper core cables, the price of aluminum core overhead cables is lower than that of copper core overhead cables and is suitable for temporary employment.

Overhead cables can be divided into overhead insulated cables and overhead bare cables according to their structure.

Overhead insulated cables come with an insulation layer, which increases the cost of overhead cables. But at the same time, the safety has also become higher, the construction cost has also been reduced, it can be installed on trees, and the service life has been greatly increased.

There are many types of overhead bare cables, such as AAAC, AAC, ACSR, ACAR, etc. The overhead bare wire has low cost and high transmission efficiency. However, it is easily affected by the weather environment and other external forces and requires regular maintenance. Prevent unnecessary safety accidents.

Overhead cables are mainly used in remote areas with sparsely populated areas. Underground cables are mostly used in densely populated areas.