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ZMS CABLE help you collect 2017 big events in power cable industry

ZMS CABLE help you collect 2017 big events in power cable industry

  1. Jan: China state grid ranked 36th in the "World Top 500 Brands", an increase of 20 places from 2015 ranking (56th place) and ranked No.1 in the list of Chinese brands.

2.Feb: The world's largest copper Chile Escondida copper announced strike. At the same time as the Escondida copper strike, exports of the world's second-largest copper mine and the Grasberg mine in Indonesia were also disrupted. International copper prices surged over 4% on Friday, setting a new high in June 2015.Copper material price rise has big influence on the cable industry .

3.March : Xi'an issue cable broke out,nationwide spread concerns, General Administration of Quality Supervision began a nationwide investigation, and resolutely banned the rectification of illegal enterprises and sub-standard cables

4.Aprial: Far East Foster New Energy Co., Ltd. invested 4 billion yuan layout of new energy battery signing ceremony grand.New energy such as Solar cable are the main future trends .

5.May: General Administration of Quality Supervision issued a document: the implementation of third-party inspection inspection and factory supervision in order to strengthen product quality supervision.

6.June: National Energy Administration made it clear that the major directions for energy transformation in 2050 are to deepen the reform of electric power and oil and gas systems and release the reform dividends to a greater extent. 

7.July: AQSIQ through a few "do not accept the hand, do not converge," the illegal businesses crackdown, ruthlessly beating, play a deterrent effect, let Save the lucky business "repose", return to honesty and compliance.

8.Aug :"Power Industry Media Alliance" was held in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. The alliance aims to gather media power and guide the cable enterprises to take the brand and diversified development path by cooperating and cooperating , Promote healthy competition and healthy development of the cable industry.

9.Sep: 9, on the afternoon of September 19, Beijing Bai Fuyi Grand Hotel held a forum for revising opinions. Tender and bidding for power cable legal experts and cable industry experts gathered in various fields, and constantly improve the bidding system, and create a good market environment and the sustainable development of the cable industry, make comments and suggestions. We had a lively discussion on the contents of the minimum bidding, low cost of illegitimacy, minimum bidding price evaluation and comprehensive appraisal method. Hoping to eliminate the adverse effects of the "lowest bidder." To promote the sustainable and healthy development of the cable industry to provide advice and suggestions.

10.Oct: Europe's three major cable companies bid for the US general cable sword refers to the North American market As early as 2010, Prysmian and Nexen conducted a fierce takeover competition. At that time they tried to take over the Dutch company Draka. In the end, Prussia acquired Draka for 1.15 billion euros, making it the world's largest cable maker. Prysmian has also been acquiring small and medium cable companies in recent years to benefit from fragmented markets.

11.Nov: On November 2, "WCEC 2017 World E-Commerce Conference" co-hosted by China Mobile Communications Association, China Youth Entrepreneurs Association and China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, co-hosted by Panshi Co., Ltd. and Internet Credit Certification Platform was held in Beijing International The conference center is held. As the cable network of the global wire and cable industry portal invited to participate in the network, and by virtue of the tremendous influence and appeal in the industry, won the "WCEC 2017 Power Industry Most Influential Award"

12.Dec :Dec. 28, Far East Intelligent Network Co., Ltd. Far East Trading Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Trading Po") was honored as "the 4th China B2B E-Commerce Conference and Ningbo Industry Internet Forum" held in Shangri- B2B top 100 enterprises in China in 2017 "25, with the top 100 titles also include Alibaba, Europe also cloud business, HC and other well-known enterprises. Instruct offline storefront sales, sourcing, and inventory management with big data analytics. Through the logistics construction, the formation of its own distribution system to improve storage and pick-up efficiency, to further optimize and transform the industry supply chain and expand online product line, as "excellent price, fast delivery, good quality, B2B electricity providers OTO service platform!