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ABB to Provide Microgrid Technology for Remote Areas in Alaska


Recently, ABB, the world leader in power and automation technology, announced that it will install advanced modular "plug and play" microgrids for remote mountain villas in Alaska.

The grid will utilize the proven ABB AbilityTM Microgrid Plus automation system and PowerStoreTM storage technology to maximize wind energy utilization. In addition, more renewable energy sources will be included, which will help reduce community costs and support the goals set by NANA.

NANA said it will reduce its dependence on imported diesel by up to 75% by 2030.

The head of ABB's power automation business department stated that "Deploying these innovative microgrid solutions will strengthen the integration of renewable energy sources and realize stronger, smarter and more environmentally friendly power grids in these remote areas."

ABB's advanced Microgrid Plus control solution will manage the advanced automation of hybrid systems while ensuring that the safe power source has the best renewable energy contribution. With the deployment of ABB PowerStore Battery technology, these remote Alaskan communities will be able to achieve up to 100% renewable energy penetration and pursue a sustainable future.

NANA President and CEO stated: "Our investment in ABB's advanced microgrid technology will enable us to maximize the role of clean renewable energy and reduce the use of expensive diesel fuel for our villages and projects. It will also enhance the quality of life of residents and support a sustainable energy future."

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