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Bidding of Mexico transmission lines attracts 45 domestic and foreign enterprises to bid


Recently, bidding for the 1.5-GW transmission line in Mexico attracted 45 companies from Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Mexico, Spain and the United States. This transmission line connects the isolated Lower California electricity network to the Mexican national interconnection system.

Mexican Energy Secretariat said the bidder's plan will be public in July, the successful bidder will be announced on September 14.

This is the first bidding for Mexico's private participation in transmission projects. The project will be open to domestic and foreign enterprises or alliances, granted to the successful bidder for transmission lines financing, construction, operation and maintenance rights.

The 1,400-km transmission line uses high-voltage direct current technology to connect with Mexico City, under the Mexican-American border of Baja California, in Hermosillo, Sonora province. As the region has abundant wind and solar energy resources, transmission line projects will promote the increased use of renewable energy.

Transmission line project investment is estimated at 1.1 billion US dollars.