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Factory Test on HDPE Insulated AAAC cable

Factory Test on HDPE Insulated AAAC cable

ABC cable are among ZMS main and advantage products, highly demanded among our customers. 

The ABC cable , short for aerial bundled cable, includes single phase core cable, twisted cores cable. 

For the conductor materials, we have ACSR conductor, AAC conductor, AAAC conductor, ACAR conductors. 

For insulation materials, we have XLPE insulation, PE or HDPE insulation. 

We won the market by our competitive prices with good quality, supported by strict quality control and testing system as well advanced technology and rich experience on cost efficiency. 

The follow is about the partial factory test on our supply on HDPE insulated AAAC cable

1.Sample size: HDPE/AAAC 1*50sq.mm.

2. Reference documents:

 The standard document supplied by ZMS Cable (subject of main technical data and offer for Aluminum alloy conductor with HDPE insulation) & IEC standard for rated voltage upto and including 1kV.

3.HDPE insulation thickness measurement 

The IEC standard requirement quotes in clause 16.5.2 “ Requirements for the insulation

For each piece of core, the average of the measured values, rounded to 0,1 mm in accordance

with Annex B, shall be not less than the nominal thickness, and the smallest value measured

shall not fall below 90 % of the nominal value by more than 0,1 mm, i.e.:

t m ≥ 0,9t n – 0,1


t m  is the minimum thickness, in millimetres;

t n  is the nominal thickness, in millimetres.”

According to the requirement, the testing figuers on minimum HDPE insulation shall no less than 1.16mm.

3.1 We select the samples for test. Cut the HDPE slices off  the cable. Must be very careful about this work to make the sample slice complete without damage.

3.2Then put the slice under the Projector(Our testing equipment arecensored and verified regularly with certificate issued by reletive authority ) 

3.3. Begin the test. We select 6 points thickness and from equipment, we get the minimum thickness and calculate the average thickness. Our testing result is that minimum thickness is 1.505mm and average thickness is 1.599mm. The result is quite good.

The quality is essential for business. For every order, we devotes our full attention and professioncy to take good care of it and take it personally. That is why our clients regard ZMS as it long term reliable partner and friend.