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First high voltage transmission line of public-private cooperation in Argentina

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The tender documents were prepared by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Energy for the 490-kilometer, 500-kV Rio Diamante-Charlone transmission line in the central region.

The Department of Energy pointed out that the documents are not binding and may change.

The current bidding documents indicate that companies involved in bidding must have experience in high voltage cable of building substations and transmission lines with more than 300 kV in Argentina or abroad.

Transmission line projects must be up and running within 33 months of signing a public-private partnership contract, while operations and maintenance services can be up to 15 years.

According to the Energy Vision 2030 announced by the Department of Energy in December 2017, Argentina is expected to increase its unconventional renewable energy capacity by 14 GW to 18 GW by 2030, and the proportion of unconventional renewable energy is 25%.

In order to adapt to this growth and strengthen the transmission system in the short term, the government plans to bid for seven 500 kV transmission line projects with a total length of 2,175 km and an investment of 2.2 billion U.S. dollars. The Rio Diamante-Charlone transmission line is the first in the program.