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The largest hydropower station in Cameroon passed the provisional inspection

transformation project

On February 8, the main hydropower station in Manilai, Cameroon's largest hydropower plant under construction contracted by the 16th hydropower station, was checked and accepted by the Provisional Acceptance Committee of Cameroon. The acceptance is the main part of the hydropower station, generator set to be completed after the completion of transmission and transformation project acceptance and transfer.SEG International, Cameroon's representative office, said that the Manilai hydropower station is a model for the friendship between China and Cameroon. Provisional acceptance shows that the power station is ready for power generation and the ceremony is a demonstration of China's hydropower strength. The achievements made in the project are the result of concerted efforts of all parties and hope China-Cameroon will continue to maintain friendly cooperation. China Hydropower will, as always, contribute to the development of Kashgar through infrastructure construction and technical heritage.

It is reported that the Mavilei hydropower project is located in the southern Cameroon region, with a total investment of 637 million U.S. dollars, with a total installed capacity of 211 MW, with an average annual generating capacity of 1187GWh. The project started at the end of 2012. After more than four years of solidarity by the project execution team, its staff successfully overcome difficulties in transportation, tropical climate, dense jungle, multiple diseases and construction during the rainy season. The project was successfully handed over and became the benchmark for foreign-funded Cameroonian enterprises Project representatives, much attention of all sectors of society.