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The total installed capacity of wind power in the United States in 2017 is 89,077 MW

the brilliant wind power industry will continue.

Data released by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) show that in 2017, the cumulative installed wind power capacity of the country was 89,077 MW, covering 41 states.

According to AWEA, these wind farms are producing enough to meet the needs of about 26 million local residents.

Overall, in 2017, the United States added 7,017 MW of wind power, attracting 11 billion U.S. dollars in private investment. The capacity of wind farms under construction or under development is 28,668 MW, an increase of 34% over 2016.

Tom Kiernan, CEO of AWEA, said: "As the capacity of wind power projects and projects to be developed quadrupled in 2017, the brilliant wind power industry will continue."

In the fourth quarter 2017 market report of the US wind power industry, AWEA pointed out that in the fourth quarter of 2017, a total of 29 new wind farms were grid-connected in 16 states with a total capacity of 4,125 MW. The state with the highest total installed capacity in 2017 was Texas, with Yaoyao lead in the fourth quarter of new capacity and grid connection with 1179 MW. Ranked second in Oklahoma, adding 851 megawatts of wind capacity; followed by the addition of 334 megawatts capacity Iowa. The additional installed capacity of wind power in Illinois and Missouri was 306 MW and 300 MW respectively.