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How to effectively protect shielded cables from damage?


Shielding layer has become necessary in medium-voltage and high-voltage cables, but there are still many incorrect and irregular technological processes in the manufacturing process of shielding layer. This leads to damage to the shielding layer.

Consequences of shielding damage

If the shielding layer is unreasonably manufactured and processed, it is extremely easy to be damaged. Damage to the shielding layer will weaken the shielding effect. In addition, if the shielding layer is damaged, a short-circuit accident may occur.

How to find out that the shielding layer is damaged?

The shielding layer of the medium voltage cable is invisible to the naked eye, which makes us not know whether the shielding layer of the cable has been damaged. But the medium voltage cable sheath is what we can observe with the naked eye. If the sheath is damaged or damaged, the possibility of damage to the sheath is also great.

How to prevent it?

1. When manufacturing the cable shielding layer, use the correct cable technology, and carry out strict inspections and take it seriously. Ensure that the quality of the shielding layer of each manufactured medium voltage cable is guaranteed.

2. The use of high-quality materials makes the shielding layer more protective.

3. Use a better medium voltage cable sheath to protect the shielding layer from damage.