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Is the Best Electrical Wire Overhead Power Line or Underground Power Cable?

Nowadays, with the development of economy, in order to improve the electrical equipment widely used in people's lives. Therefore, there is a problem that needs to be solved. Is the best wire underground cable or underground power cable? Now let us make the following analysis:


1. Economy: From an economic point of view, overhead power line are cheaper than underground. And it is safer to bury them from the perspective of safety. Some cables were buried, while some overhead was in the air. The power distribution line means that the power plant is connected to the termination transformer after several steps of voltage reduction from the three high-voltage hot lines, and the zero live line is taken out from the terminal transformer and distributed to the user's home. The voltage has become 220v.

2. Overhead power line:

The overhead power line mainly refers to the overhead line, which is erected above the ground. And the insulator is a transmission line that fixes the transmission line on the tower on the ground to transmit power. It is easy to installation and maintenance, low cost. But it is easy to be affected by weather and environment (such as wind, thunder and lightning, pollution, heavy snow, etc.) and cause failures. At the same time, it occupies a large land area in the entire transmission corridor, which is easy to cause electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment. .

The main components of overhead lines are: wires and lightning protection wires (overhead grounding wires), towers, insulators, fittings, tower foundations, cables and grounding equipment.

3. Underground power cable:

Underground power cables have a lower failure operation rate, lower operation and maintenance costs. And higher reliability than overhead lines to adapt to various severe weather conditions. There will be a better life.