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The advantages of XLPE insulated cable

Insulation is to make the insulating material cover the outside of the conductor with different thickness according to the requirements of the withstand voltage. It plays the role of isolating the charged body from other parts. After the cable is energized, the conductor is heated. Therefore, the ideal insulating material should have good insulation properties and good thermal conductivity. Polyvinyl chloride insulation is a thermoplastic material. Cross-linked polyethylene insulation has good superiority in heat resistance and mechanical properties, and has become an ideal insulating material.It is commonly used in aluminum service drop (xlpe abc cable),xlpe 3 core copper cable and xlpe concentric cable.


 XLPE insulated cables significantly improve the performance of PVC insulated cables. Polyvinyl chloride insulated cables have a long-term operating temperature of only 70 ° C, while XLPE insulated cables have a long-term allowable operating temperature of 90 ° C. At a temperature of 130 ° C to maintain the elastic state, its cross-sectional flow can be increased by about 25% relative to a PVC insulated cable of the same cross section. Therefore, in practical applications, PVC insulated cables can be replaced by XLPE insulated cables with a lower profile.


The crosslinked polyethylene insulation has a specific gravity of 0.92 g/cm3. The polyvinyl chloride insulation specific gravity is 1.35 g/cm3. Since the overall performance of XLPE insulation is stronger than that of PVC insulation, the thickness of XLPE insulation is allowed to be thinner than that of PVC insulation according to national standards (GB/T12706-2002). Therefore, XLPE insulated cables are more dense than polychlorinated cables. The ethylene insulated cable is light in weight, small in diameter, easy to install and lay, and has a simple connector and is widely used.

It is due to the incomparable advantages of PVC insulated cables due to XLPE insulated cables. Its simple structure, light weight, good heat resistance, strong load capacity, non-melting, chemical corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, etc., are increasingly recognized by users.