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The common malfunction of overhead lines and preventive measures

Analyze common malfunction types of commonly used 1kv aac abc cable, 10 kV overhead lines,15kv abc cable to improve power supply reliability.


1. Failure of overhead conductors and preventive measures (conductores aéreos)

(1) It is necessary to strictly control the construction, pay attention to the tension of the wire, and make the three-phase wire have the same degree of relaxation and within the specified standard range. When the line is inspected, the above problems should be dealt with in a timely manner.

(2) When a super-high car is operated under the line or under the line by a crane, it may cause a short circuit or a wire break. Therefore, there should be a certain separation distance on the intersecting and crossing lines.


(3) The wire is damaged by oxidation due to long-term corrosion by moisture, atmosphere and harmful gases. The steel wire and lightning conductor are most likely to be rusted. When the wire is found to be seriously corroded during inspection, it should be replaced in time.

2. Insulator failure and preventive measures

(1) The porcelain insulator on the line is polluted by harmful components in the air, which makes the porcelain part dirty. In the case of wet weather, the dirt layer absorbs water, which enhances the conductivity, which not only increases the power loss, but also easily causes flashover. accident.

(2) A failed porcelain insulator is mistakenly installed on the line or due to aging of the insulator, flashover breakdown occurs under the action of the power frequency voltage. In this case, porcelain insulators with flash marks on the inspection should be replaced in time, and the replacement of new porcelain insulators must pass the withstand voltage test.

(3) The porcelain insulation part is damaged by external force, crack or damage occurs, and when a large porcelain skirt is broken or there is a crack from the edge to the top, it should be replaced, otherwise the insulation will be reduced and a flashover accident will occur.